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What is a crypto bot?

A bot is a computer trading software that connects to your Exchange and performs automatic operations when it receives signals from technical analysis or other parameters.

The bots analyze the market in search of trading opportunities, night and day, 365 days a year, generating small profits in each operation but making a large amount of them.

How do our bots operate?

The most important thing to understand is that the bot closes trades only when they are positive. If the trade turns against, it works with its own trading strategy, making staggered and spaced repurchases with different multipliers, thereby averaging the entry price downward and managing to close the trades positively after a small bounce.

Why ricabots?

We establish our own trading strategy depending on each market and time frame, and we analyze the market for the most relevant cryptocurrencies to incorporate them into our bots.

We carry out continuous tests, with that we improve the purchasing parameters, continuously incorporating new operations when we safely test that they are profitable products.

Why Ricabots

Control results cryptocurrency

Control your results instantly

Receive a message on Telegram every time a trade is opened or closed positively. Also join our community and receive weekly and monthly results, so you can be informed of your benefits.

How start using Ricabots

3 easy steps to set up your Ricabot account

1 – Subscribe

Choose the plan that best suits you and start your free 3-day trial.

2 – Connect

Just insert your API keys from your Binance exchange account.

3 – Start bots

Relax and start earning passive income thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Choise the strategy which match with you


Maximum profit. For the most risky.


Binance Futures (USDT-M)




High/ Very high

Monthly performance

10.0% – 20.0%

Min. capital


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Put your HODL assets to work.




Monthly performance

Min. capital

Comming soon


Protect your capital.


Binance Spot




Very low

Monthly performance

2.0% – 6.0%

Min. capital


Out of stock


Ideal for small investors.


Binance Spot





Monthly performance

5.0% – 9.0%

Min. capital


Out of stock


Your funds are always under control

Telegram cryptocurrency


Control the operations from your mobile



Adapted to all types of capital



Always achieve economic benefits

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A bot is a software which, through predefined signals and artificial intelligence, is capable of performing operations simultaneously and automatically.

Los bots analizan el mercado en busca de oportunidades de trading noche y día 365 días al año. Generando pequeñas ganancias en cada operación pero realizando una gran cantidad de estas.

You just have to have a Binance account (ref.) And deposit the necessary amount for the hired bot. Then, using an API key with only trading permissions, you will be able to connect to our bots so that they start trading. Your funds are always safe since this connection does not allow you to withdraw.

Contact support through our telegram or via email. It is recommended to stop the bot at least 30 days before the withdrawal, so as not to incur losses caused by the closing of pending operations.

Unlike other services, Ricabots does not charge any type of commission for operations or benefits since the funds are always in the account of each user. The only payment is for the monthly subscription corresponding to each contracted service.

Whenever you want to unsubscribe from our services, you can contact support directly via email with the subject “unsubscribe.” We will stop the bots and close all open trades in their current state.

The only payment that you must make is for the monthly subscription of the contracted service. The bot works in your own account or exchange and you have control of your investment at all times, so there are no activation or deposit costs.

Profits are made directly to your Binance wallet or another linked exchange. You have them instantly and without intermediaries.

Depending on the services you hire, your capital may be more or less compromised. You must know your own risk profile at all times. With a good diversification strategy and our advice, you will be able to obtain profitable and safe operations.

Your benefits are always available to be withdrawn. You just have to make sure that your balance is never less than the minimum capital necessary for each package. Remember that if you want to stop the bots, it is recommended that you notify us at least one month before canceling your subscription to avoid losses caused by operations that are still open.

We develop strategies that adapt to all types of markets. You decide your own risk while automated operations make your investment more effective.